Codirector Su Guo, PhD


Codirector responsibilities

Program leadership areas in the Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics Graduate program:

  • Admissions and Recruitment
  • Curriculum
  • Student Awards
  • Seminars, Events, and Retreats
  • Faculty Membership Review

About my research

The Guo Lab aims to fundamentally understand how the brain works, which is key to treating developmental, degenerative, and psychiatric neurological disorders.

The brain is the central commander of an organism. We seek to answer:

  • How is the brain formed and maintained?
  • How does the brain control important functions, such as seeking reward, avoiding punishment, and learning?

We use the model organism zebrafish (Danio rerio) together with mammalian pluripotent stem cell models and apply technologies such as molecular and chemical genetics, pharmacogenetics, imaging, computational sciences, and behavioral studies.

Contact info

UCSF Rock Hall Box 2811
1550 4th St Rm 484D
San Francisco CA 94143

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[email protected]